Learn Computer Free Online with easy Method and Free download,Key Board Short Cut,Using Keyboard

Posted  on 2015-11-07
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In this lesson you can learn computer basic
Means Computer fundamental, Computer Parts like Monitor, Keyboard,Mouse, CPU,Printer,Speaker, Internet Modem, Scanner, etc. Their work in brief and how to use.
How to use Mouse, How to Click Mouse button and Dragging, cut and paste etc.
Key Board Shortcut : what is keyboard, What is
Function Keys, What is numeric Keypad,What is Control Keys,What is Navigation Keys,What is Indicator Lights, What is Typing(alphanumeric)keys,Etc.

Typing (alphanumeric)keys:
These keys include letters, numbers,punctuation's and symbol keys like on a typewriter.
Control Keys:
These keys are used alone or in combination with other keys to perform certain actions.The keys are CTRL,
ALT,ESC, The Windows Logo key and The Application key.
Function Keys:
The function keys F1,F2,F3 and so on up to F12 are used to perform specific tasks. The function of these keys change from program to program
Numeric Keypad:
The numeric keypad is handy for entering numbers quickly like in a calculator.
Using Keyboard Shortcuts:
keyboard shortcuts are ways to perform actions by using your keyboard.They are called shortcuts because they help you work faster.
Windows Logo Key: Press Windows Logo Key to open the start menu.
Alt + Tab : Press Alt + Tab to switch between open programs or windows.
Alt + F4 : Press Alt + F4 to close the active item or exit the active program.
Ctrl + S : Press Ctrl + S to save the current file or document (works in most programs).
Ctrl + C : Press Ctrl + C to copy the selected item.
Ctrl + V : Press Ctrl + V to paste the selected item.
Ctrl + X : Press Ctrl + X to cut the selected item.

For download and view of video tutorial click above Basic Computer video link in the post.