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About Us


We introduce ourselves as pioneers of Advertising, Publications, Promotion, Short film, Web series, Documentary, Educational Video and Marketing icons. For the past 18 years we have established our niche in Pune Market as the foundation of creativity and innovation. Our esteemed client list narrates the tale of the epitaph encored till date.

Our Values

Our basic principle is bridging the gap of a product and market making it visible in the eyes of masses. We make it count by the values and emotions with respect to the specified Target Audiences. The synonym of a Value for us is the trust bestowed in us till date. With this faith in us and the received support, we are proliferating our wings across the city day after a day.

Work hierarchy

An anthology of creative writing and collection of tangible visuals is our main-stay that we deliver through the long sessions to have an everlasting impact on Audiences. Our rules of our Work hierarchy are understand and analyze the requirement of the product/client and deliver the artifact in the hands of apt clientele. For Ajinkya Innovations the passion is not about the quality work’ but ‘the way you work! We firmly believe that if there is a quality in how you work, the overall quality is bound to follow.

Work Culture

Our work-culture is like a family unit that encompasses of every co-ordination with each other, from the copy-writer to the visualizer or from the printing manager to the graphic designer. This mutual agreement of brains has a proper structured way from scribbling to the deliverance of a product. Long hours of group discussion leads to a proper implementation of pre-defining, defining and re-defining of the product’s actual launch.

Reflection of the verdict

The reaction of the masses describes the Reflection of our Image. It has been proved by our self-defined numerological symbol of 1 x 1 = 2. It was a trial & error based concept that got popular with our clients. We build a platform for those manufacturers to reach the right customers in our own creative way. Our concept of 1 x 1 = 2 is a conglomeration of manufacturers and us to form a reaction. It can be categorized as:
Manufacturer x Ajinkya Innovations = Clientele.

A hand in hand

Everyone claims of honesty and integrity, but we have the proof of being honest. Our concept of providing hidden information in an explicit way is not less vital than being honest. Considering you and me as ‘Us’ and then redefining the world beyond sky boundaries... is the synonym of Ajinkya Innovations

Our Mission

• Our mission is to leverage the potential of art and the artistic work
Our mission is a simple 5-step method.
• Identify the client’s actual need.
• Seek the apt information.
• Conclude the appropriate solution.
• Implementation and Deliverance.
• Reach the clientele.

Our Vision

• Of enlightening dark.
• Touching the untouched.
• Achieving an unachievable Future.
• To be a stick of the blind.
• Base of a successful future for a client-clientele liaison.

Our Main Objective

• Quality Assurance.
• Monitoring adherence & standards.
• Enrich liaison of client & customers.
• Pre-planned strategy of product launch / promotion.
• Achieving the impossible.
• Inventing Creativity.
• Start to finish maintenance check.
• Co-ordination with masses ( Surveys, systems, marketing)
• Achieving synergy and globalization.
• Introduce new functionalities of
 Justifying business cases.
 Support businessman with new ventures of implementation.
 Prioritizing effectual productivity.
 Implementing new technological usage.
 Introduce new guidelines and standards.
 Ensure economic production.

Our Team

Vitthal Pisal – (Director) A well established businessman in the advertising, publication and productions house era. An icon of lateral thinking and inquisitive of pre-deliverance of strategies. From a no background in art field, he has established this firm from ‘a nothing’ into ‘something’.
Sachin Pisal – (Director & Editor) With the assistance of the knowledge repository which Mr. Sachin possesses, this firm would not have stood still. One of the finest Artist, Thinker & Designer whose portraits & sketches are as gods own creation and that reflects in his graphical aesthetics. The look what gets sold in the market which Mr. Sachin provides is collated with a tangible feel.
Ram Suryavanshi (Writer ) Another icon in the history of writers, Mr. Ram has two best sellers under . Experts in all types of writing, he provides writing repository in the flux of profiles, contents, proof – check, jingles and more. A hand in hand co-ordination with the brush and pen thus creates creativity in the world of advertising.
Rakesh Solanki (Production Head) His main responsibility is of quality assurance. He produces solutions as per the client’s pre-requisites on time. Thus he can be termed as economy, quality and time savior personnel.
Amit Gondkar (Production Head) His main responsibility is of quality assurance. He produces solutions as per the client’s pre-requisites on time. Thus he can be termed as economy, quality and time savior personnel. There are in all many persons in Ajinkya Innovations team.