This story is during that period Siddharth a young boy aged 11yrs was at that time staying at outskirts of Nashik. His father used to work as a post master &living in government cottage. Cast based discrimination was at its peak during this era due to the mandal ayog. One fine day Siddharth was playing in his backyard with his friends He notices a small kitten & gets it home. The kitten was in to his neighbour’s house, the lady who lives in his neighbourhood sweeps the cat away with her broom with using bad worlds about Casteism. Siddharth fails to understand her behaviour. He runs to his father and questions him. His father then explains to him that since he belongs to the low caste, people and animals from his background are not easily accepted by the higher castes and apparently, the lady living as his neighbour belongs to the higher caste. A week passes by. One fine day, the higher caste lady comes to Siddhartha’s house all enraged. She accuses Siddharath’s kitten for breaking her fish tank.
Siddharath then defends his kitten and tells her that his kitten is just a few months old and in no way it would be able to climb the table and bring down the fish tank. Siddharath’s father runs to defend his son. The neighbourhood lady blames their behaviour and says that only low caste people can get to this level. Siddharath’s father gets deeply offended and offers the lady monetary compensation. The shameless lady readily takes the money and walks away. Siddharath then realizes for the first time that humans can behave differently when they are labelled to do so. He then realizes that a person when labelled as a high caste gets a distinct advantage over the low castes due to the social hierarchy formed in a religion. He then questions his father that since the lady did not accept human and animals of the low caste, how is it that she is accepting money from the low caste? Siddharath’s father gets amazed by his son’s question and keeps quiet.